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 Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation

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PostSubject: Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation   Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation EmptySun Aug 10, 2008 8:55 pm

Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation Metalh11

I translated an interview with Daron from german to english. He gave it to the Metal Hammer. I feel a bit stupid since this was now translated from english to german and back to english. I did my best and think it's a good translation.
Hack was so nice to give me this article. That means, all credits go to him. Thanks for it!

And another thing. This was hard work to translate. Whoever dares to copy this translation and use it without my permission, I gonna ripp off his balls!

Here it goes:

Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation Metalh10

Scars on Broadway
Clear Relations

For months try Serj Tankian and the official System of a Down-Website to suggestive that the solo activities of the four armenians are just symbol of a short and collective creative-break. But the thruth –as we know now- is different: Because guitarrist Daron Malakian shows the truth in the Scars on Broadway-Interview.

The small man with hat and full beard, reminding on Rick Rubin, looks tired. Not because he just landed in Cologne and has a jetleg. No, the 32 years old is just bored and annoyed. “You won’t believe what kinda interviews I have here – what kind of people they send on me. A bunch of idiots who don’t know who I am.” Withal it’s not that hard: Daron is since 1995 guitarist of the maybe most individual and succesful rock-band of the now, recorded five albums, sold some millions od CDs and is for three years part of a “groupdynamical hiatus”, which – like he says- is rather not one. “Some members of the band talk about this. But for me it’s a split” clarifies Daron. “System of a Down don’t exist anymore – that’s why I continue with Scars on Broadway.”
To the question who is lying and why, he starts nattering unembarrassed: “When it was asked, if we want to make a hiatus and everyone could do some other things first I thought it will be okay. I wouldn’t have thought that this would be the end of System of a Down, but that we come together again in one or two years”, tells Daron. “But the opposite happened: We differed more and more. And at the moment we don’t have to tell us anything – not only Serj but also, sadly, Shavo.” Because of this he –who never had any ambitions to go solo(, “because” –Daron- “the album just sounds like shit) now reanimated the short-lived project Sacrs on Broadway of 2003. In that he nearly does everything on his own – except of the drums which are brought in by buddy John Dolmayan.
Whereas the full bearded man distances himself consciously from the past: He’s now betting on 60’s garage rock, 70’s punk and decent electronical influences – also he put back folklore and the fast style and tempo changes. “It has to do with the fact that I don’t wanna repeat myself: I don’t want to make the kind of songs like five years ago”, explains Daron. “I also don’t listen to the same things but clearly more metal, trash and speed. That’s still not nice – but nowadays I prefer the Zombies, Kinks, Grateful Dead and japanese Psychedelic Rock. All that I could’ve brought into System of a Down – if it would still be existent.”
Against this the lyrics don’t differ much from his old formation: It’s still about money, power, war and cruelty – togethe with cynical comments about politicans, military, economy bosses and other parasites. “It’s because 95% of the System of a Down-Songs are written by me”, says Daron. “But the people never sawied it: They always thought I’m just the stupid guitarist.” What now shines with a Jello Blafra-like voice and also his humoristic side marks.
Like in “Stoner Love” with the amusing line: “California is been invaded by hippie psychopaths.” At that Daron takes a pack of weed and a pipe out of his pocket, inhales and laughs. “The hippie psychopaths are my alter ego – means my gang what wasn’t peacefully and friendly but kills and assassinates. A nice phantasy. For normal I’m the most balanced human on earth: I’m smoking weed all day, lie on my couch and make music. And that for 15, 16 years. I’m just a stoner”, says it and whiffs smiling.
Leaves just one thing: The strange band-name what let you suppose an anarchical reckoning with the american showbiz – just faint fissures in the system. But wrong: “I was driving on the Broadway in Glendale and saw some strange gravures on the lampposts what looked like swastika-stars”, explains Daron. “That’s so bizarre that I had to laugh out loud: Swastikas on Broadway- how crazy. But then it came to my mind: What a genius band-name! So I replaced Swastika with Scars to avoid getting put into a political corner and so I had this great name: Scars on Broadway. And I will use it for a long while now.” And if Serj calls to reformate System of a Down? “Then he has to do it on his own.” Clear relations.
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Article in August 2008 Metal Hammer - translation
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